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Meet Indiana 

trust your intuition and success will follow you

Indiana is a Cuban-American businesswoman and self-esteem advocate, mother, and wife. Indiana uses its platforms to empower and inspire women around the world. For her, it is important to motivate other women to achieve their goals, projects, businesses, whatever their passion.


His work focuses on showing that you can become whomever you set out to be in life. Indiana likes to be a traveler, enjoy nature and share family moments as a personal brand.​

Owner of 2 businesses and working on several non-profit projects.


Indiana says: ​ -Being an Entrepreneur is not easy - the most important thing is to believe in yourself

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LUSSO EVENTI my first business was created by describing my passion for decoration and crafts. After the arrival of my first child, I began to decorate each family event and create every detail from scratch. Today Lusso Eventi has arrived in Italy and Spain

INDIANA WILLIAMS PA I am a real estate agent with a passion for the luxury market. My approach to Real Estate is driven by an exceptional standard for customer service and my passion to help people find their dream homes or sell their current homes in south Florida.

I am excited to help you with your next move!

The name of my beauty brand GIULIA'S BRAND 

It is the name of my little daughter, she has a very defined personality, presumptuous, flirtatious and very determined.

I have always considered the eyebrows as the frame of our face, but the eyelashes complement and give the perfect finish to all our makeup looks, you can simply stand up, put on the right lashes and look radiant.


In my country as a child I was teased because I am tall and always thin. Also, I've always been thick-lipped, that didn't lower my self-esteem.

Today, I am proud that I don't have to spend money on weight loss operations or lip injections LOL.



Throughout my life I have met many women who are afraid to undertake and I always tell them to take the first step, because if they don't they will never know if it was what they really wanted or if what really fulfilled them.


I always share a phrase that I don't know if it exists, but I repeat it to myself a lot:


"I prefer to leave this world knowing that I tried everything, to be left with the doubt of how it would have been if I had not tried."

I want to inspire women around the world to not let anything or anyone make them feel less. Always look at the positive way of BEING as YOU ARE.​


STORIES THAT I TELL YOU It is a freelance podcast in Spanish that I create precisely to share real stories, whether they are to motivate emotionally or professionally. I want you to identify yourself and know that whatever your situation, you are not the only one and you are not alone.

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